V-Day is ALIVE!

    And early to boot!



Just because I can.

Yep, that’s why, because I can. And definitely not because I accidentally hit ‘publish now’ instead of scheduling for pre-order. Nope it’s…it’s…


So here are the buy links:



And that’s about it for now.

Until next time…

Upcoming releases

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to do a quick update on upcoming releases and such. So here I go…

V-Day is set to release in April 2016.

I’ll update again when it’s up for pre-order with the exact date ASAP.


March 9th is set for the double cover reveal for my upcoming YA paranormal romance duology. Xpresso Tours is running the event so bloggers can sign up <HERE< if interested.

As for the actual novels:

Somniare will be released July 19, 2016, and Consurge October 18, 2016.

For more information on the Somniare duology you can visit >HERE< or look them up on Goodreads.

That’s it for now, folks! Until next time.


Villainess is available for pre-order!

That’s right. This beautiful cover…


And the book that goes with it, is available for pre-order on Amazon: HERE.

Both the print and eBook editions will be live on January 19, 2016. Yay!

I also wanted to take a moment to say thank you again to Cora-Tiana for letting me use the original painting Lunar Mistery on the cover of Villainess. You can all see for yourselves how gorgeous it is, and I was beyond lucky to get permission to use it. I really can’t say thank you enough!!!!

Well, I guess that’s it for now. Until next time…


It’s all shiny and new!

After days of toiling, obsessing, and trying not to pull my hair out… (Also bugging the crap out of little Miss Ren Reidy for help. Sorry Ren! I really was born without patience! ;))

My new website design is up and running!!!!!! 

So feel free to take a look around, and PUH-LEAZE, if you notice any mistakes, typos, things not working properly… Tell me ASAP! You know, so I can get it fixed…definitely not cry, scream, and yell at my laptop. That never happens.

Until next time…


New Site Coming!

Please be patient while this site is a bit of a mess. A new spiffy one is coming soon! (Yes, I said spiffy. I’m bringing it back, along with swell. Okay, maybe not swell because only Clark Kent can get away with that one, but spiffy is here to stay. 😉 )

Anywho… I got sidetracked. New site coming soon! Yaaaay!