Neo’s New Home


Neo may call the animal shelter his current home, but he has bigger dreams… Dreams of finding his forever family and getting his doggie ‘happily ever after’. With the help of Tala, his doggie guardian angel, he may just find what he’s been looking for.

Neo’s New Home is a fun and yet heartwarming story that will teach as well as entertain.  (Ages 4 & up)

*All proceeds from the sales of Neo’s New Home will be donated to Second Chance Pet Adoptions. 

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 (Also, for those who have asked why Neo’s New Home is no longer available in ebook … Let’s put it this way: A few A-holes ruined it for everyone. In other words, the ebook was pirated more times than can be counted, and since the book only exists for charity purposes … yeah, it made a certain author see red. )