Yes, I’ve been MIA

Hello everyone,

I haven’t been part of the published author world for very long, only since 2012. In that time I’ve released over twenty full-length romance novels. My readers have come to expect a certain amount of output from me, and within the last year I’ve … well, I’ve hit some personal snags, which has caused me to fall short. And for that I’m sorry.

Here’s the deal:

First there was dealing with Hashimoto’s, or rather learning how to deal with my new normal. That one put a major snag in my productivity levels. I may have prematurely announced my return in relation to that as well. Oops. I’m nothing if not eager to get back into the swing of things, but unfortunately real life got in the way of my imaginary world more I could have foreseen. Especially this past year. Health issues aside, I lost one of my German Shepherds this past September. Kira had been sick for awhile, but the end happened so suddenly that it pretty much ripped my heart out. Yes, I have, or rather, my husband and I had two dogs. Both of which I loved. But Loki is more my husband’s dog, and Kira was mine. She was my little shadow, and although not official by training standards, she was my emotional support dog. Losing her … was, and still is hard. I got really depressed and was barely functioning right up until my big trip to France. My journey abroad gave me a bit of clarity, and I was ready to start my healing when I returned home. But the day I got back, I got the type of phone call you never want to get. My best friend of 26 years had killed himself. I’m not going to go into much detail on that. I’ve dealt with suicide before. Even within the family. But this was … is different. I talked to him the day before I left for France, and the last thing he texted me was that he couldn’t wait to hear all about my trip when I got back. He was fine … and I didn’t see it coming. At all. But I’m going to stop there. These types of emotions are what I usually pour out into my books, so that’s where you’ll find them in the future. (Just heavily disguised as character angst.)

I’ve been a bit of a mess for the last few months, something I’m not a fan of admitting publicly, but I feel like I owe all of you some kind of explanation. After all, without all the love and support I wouldn’t be anywhere with my writing career. I love and appreciate you all. It’s all a process, but there’s a reason I have a phoenix tattoo on my back. I’ve been through worse, and no matter what happens I will always pick myself back up and rise from the ashes. This is actually the first time I’ve ever told anyone but my hubs what that particular tattoo means to me. I got it for a reason … as a reminder during the tough times to never give up. And I won’t. Even if it’s a difficult process to reform my life.

Anywho … I’m only just now beginning to look to the future a bit. My plans are to be back on track for 2019. I’m going to release Team Unicorn Talia #2 in the spring, and follow that up with the first novel written under Dara Kent. Plus I’ve got tons of new, and surprise surprise, dark storyline ideas. I want to start building Dara Kent’s catalogue a bit, so probably I’m going to focus on that in 2019. I guess that’s it for now.

Until next time … 


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