Hello, my name is …


You might be a tad confused at this point. Yes, you did come to dtdyllin.com and here I’m telling you that my name is Dara Kent. Aaaand … Yep, it is. Sort of. You see, I’ve decided to branch out from writing romance. *gasp* I know. But don’t get it twisted, I still love romance, and am going to continue writing it under the name D.T. Dyllin. Buuuut … sometimes I have ideas for stories and worlds that don’t quite fit into the romance genre. Romance books come with an expectation of a happily-ever-after, or at least a happily-ever-after for now. I’ll admit some of my older releases straddle the line of romance. Romance readers are smart, discerning, and have come to expect a certain kind of product. It would be unfair of me to write things that aren’t quite romance and to try and sell them as such. Before when I did so it was from a bit of ignorance on my part. I’m well educated on such things now, and well, I can’t keep the creative juices flowing if I don’t write without limitations.

This past week, just a mere few days ago in fact, a series I’ve been toiling with for awhile really started to take shape in my head. But it’s not romance, and it’s very dark, and the characters are definitely more villainous in a lot of ways than heroes. There have been a lot of ideas such as these lately, but I keep pushing them aside, and so I’ve been becoming increasingly depressed about writing. When expressing my–let’s face it–self made limitations to my hubs, he encouraged me to step outside of my romance comfort zone and even helped me come up with the pseudonym Dara Kent. (I’ll give you a clue. My hubs knows of my lifelong Superman obsession well. He just seriously gets me. Oh, and sidebar to the sidebar: we don’t talk about the DC movies. They don’t exist to me. Those movies would have killed a weaker fan, but I’ve been in love with Superman since I was two, and decided I was going to grow up to be Wonder Woman so I could marry me my Superman. heh. 😉 )

Okay, I got sidetracked. Moving along …

After deciding to go for it–to write dark urban fantasy type stuff under the pseudonym Dara Kent–I’ve been super charged, like someone keeps pouring pots of coffee down my throat. This is what’s been dragging me down. I’ve been letting romance limit my creativity. And again … still love romance. In fact, I just finished writing the second in my Team Unicorn Talia series. But I need to run with the darker plots and ideas that keep coming to me. Any writer of any genre will tell you that you should never ever mess with the muse. Which is exactly what I’ve been doing. *facepalm*

Okay, so now I’m just rambling. I’m going to wrap it up with this:

I’m am now both D.T. Dyllin & Dara Kent. I will be sharing my instagram, twitter, and Facebook sites with those names, because … well, come on, we all know it’s me. I’m not using a pen name to hide my identity or anything, it’s just so there’s no confusion about genres. Although, I guess if I was trying to keep it a secret it would be as thinly veiled as when Superman puts on glasses and calls himself Clark Kent. And I’m simply not running multiple social media sites, one for each name. I’m pretty sure that’s how I would start to develop a split personality. What I will have is a website for each name, this one dtdylllin.com, and one for darakent.com, which I’ve already started building. It’s still a work in progress so if you go there, don’t judge it … yet.

Expect news about releases from both of my writerly names soon.

That’s about it for now. Until next time … 


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