Audiobooks, audiobooks, audiobooks!

I wanted to do a quick update about what’s going on with some of my audiobooks. So here I go … Eh-em …

I’ll start out with the good news:


went live today!

You can find it on Audible, and wherever Audible distributes.

Now for the bad news:

I’m not sure if  and when

consurge-audiobook-dtdyllin_finalwill be made. The first in the duology, Somniare, was narrated by the super talented Joy Nash (she used the pen name, which I think that’s what you call it even though it’s an audiobook. Screen name, maybe? Ear name? ha! I don’t know, but I think you get my point.) who before she could finish doing Consurge, got the amazing opportunity to star in the show Dietland. I could have tried to find someone else to do Consurge, but I loved what Joy did so much that I didn’t want someone else being Remy for the second book. So it’s just been sitting there … and sitting there. I just can’t bring myself to search for someone else. So like I said, I don’t know if and when Consurge will be made … if ever.

And yes, more bad news:

This time about


My original plan for the Starblind series was to have each audiobook narrated by a different person, since each of the four books is 1st person POV with a different character telling the story. But when my narrator for Starblind offered to do all of them, and was super excited about it, I decided to change my plans. It’s always good to have someone on board who’s excited about whatever project they’re doing. She also suggested doing a boxset of the audiobooks in time for this past Christmas season. I definitely liked this plan since boxsets seem to sell well around the holidays. Long story short … She did the first three books, but when it came to Luminosity, it basically just sat there for about six months, going beyond the agreed upon contract dates. Christmas came and went, and still nothing. At this point, I simply wanted the book done, but my narrator decided to ask out of the contract instead. I agreed. There wasn’t much else to do.

The thing is, because I do royalty share with my narrators, since I don’t have the money to pay their hourly rate, I’m kind of stuck now. I listed Luminosity up for auditions on ACX, but not even a single one came in. No one seems interested in a royalty share of Luminosity at this time. Soo … it isn’t getting made. Sorry to those of you who have been asking about it. Some things are beyond my control.

Anywho … that’s all the audiobook news I have for now.

Until next time …


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