It’s that time of year again …

Christmas Lites VI is HERE!


For the third year in a row I’ve been lucky enough to contribute a short story to the Christmas Lites anthology. YAAAAY! And FYI … One-hundred percent of the proceeds from ebooks and paperbacks go to The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. So when you purchase a copy in either format, not only do you get a great book full of wonderful short stories from over 25 different authors from various genres, but you get to contribute to a fantabulous cause! It’s totally win-win.

Here’s more information about this year’s book:

Cthulhu wants to wish you a Merry Christmas. The Fae sprinkle their fairy dust to ensure your light never fades. Assassins and adventures alike keep the spirit of life alive. Even the mob brings their family to the dinner table for glorious feasts.

Authors included in this anthology in order of appearance:

D.T. Dyllin
J.A. Clement
Fiona L. Renton
JG Faherty
Angela Yuriko Smith
Monica La Porta
Ottilie Weber
S. Patrick Pothier
Cassie McCown
Karen Cutler Drecktrah
Anna McCown
Annabelle Kristufek
Brandon Eye
Marcus Edwards
Kiara Ehsani
Zoe Baker
Brett J. Talley
A.F. Stewart
Laura Kester Duerrwaechter
Phil Cantrill
Lora Christine
Vered Ehsani
Tricia Kristufek
Frank W. Smith
Misty Baker
Simon Huntley
Amy Huntley

Feel the magic of the season, the spirit of giving, the love of friends and family. Discover bright new worlds, blood-pumping adventures, true love and heartbreak as you explore the stories inside these covers.

For the sixth year in a row, authors from all over the world combined their efforts and talents to create the anthology in your hands. Not for fame or fortune, but to help those in need. Every dime raised from this anthology goes straight to those who provide the assistance to these people. The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence has been helping in ways we can never imagine for years, and we are happy to help support their efforts.

Please visit their website at for more information.


Here are the buy links: Kindle ebook, Paperback

They make great gifts for yourself, friends, and family. And if for some reason you’re short on cash and can’t contribute in that manner, please spread the word to those who may be able to. Every little bit helps. 😀

(Ps … I typed up this post on about zero sleep and after a day full of travel. I may or may not be seeing double at this point, so I apologize for any glaring typos, and really hope I wasn’t confusing about anything. I just wanted to get the info out for this ASAP for obvious reasons. 😉 )


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